Posted by: jgreg032 | October 23, 2009

Norman Reef photo


Posted by: jgreg032 | October 23, 2009

Cairns-Australia on a budget

I’m currently in Cairns, enjoying the sunshine and beautifull weather everyday.

Cairns is a very tourist city with a great range of accommodation and a big variety of activites. I went scuba diving today to Norman Reef, very beautiful, great amount of coral and tropical fish. I recommend going out to one of the pontoons on the actual reef where you can snorkel, scuba dive, have lunch and sunbathe on the main deck. These type of tours usually start from around $130 to $250 including one introductory dive. I am currently getting ready to go out to dinner at the Casino, and hopefully have a lucky night.

Posted by: jgreg032 | October 22, 2009


Many reasons to love Europe, the countries which I like to visit are:

1. Portugal

Portugal shares borders in the North and East with Spain while to the South and West lies the Atlantic Ocean. It has beautiful rocky coastline, sandy beaches and coves. Beyond all these lie sophisticated cities and country towns rich in history with strong traditions. Many hotels and sport complexes are located at the popular Algarve Coast in the South.

2. Spain

 It is one of the best cities to visit. It offers lively entertainment, fantastic museums and great dining. Other attractions that can be found are the nice design, culinary arts and architecture.

3. France

This is the right place to indulge myself with culture and style. Paris is one of the best city in France where most of us have ended at one point or another. Three reasons to love France: at Lovely country of Chateau, a variety of wine can be enjoyed; There is a world of sights and beautiful scenery to be seen outside of the City of Lights; Enjoying a snow-capped mountains to Mediterranean coast and rolling hills dotted with castles in a single country.

4. Italy

 The superior food and wine is reason enough to go.